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Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 266 – They’re Good Dogs, Miles:

In which Havok goes surfing; Malice eats a poodle; Strong Guy’s ex is a big jerk; Sinister’s gotta Sinister; and Miles learns about a meme.


  • The Puppet Master
  • X-Factor #103-195
  • Comparative Summers brooding
  • Perks of being a mutant geologist and/or geophysicist
  • Malice and Polaris’s complicated history
  • A somewhat convoluted plan
  • Several reasons to go to Rhinebeck, NY
  • Friendship
  • The extended Carosella family
  • Candy stripers
  • Mary, who is a big jerk
  • A Sinister entrance
  • The Nasty Boys (more) (again)
  • Karate pants
  • 14-year-old Chris Gethard’s feelings about Jamie Madrox
  • Ionic vampirism
  • Misguided vengeance
  • Pushing back against whitewashing in comics

NEXT EPISODE: Emma Frost takes a joyride

The visual companion to this episode will be up after the holiday. Shana tova!

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Illustration by @davidwynne! Wanna buy the original? Drop David a line!

Only during the direst of circumstances, 4 of the 5 original members of the X-Men are finally reunited to face the demon invasion that is about to consume New York City. A shimmer of hope and light in an otherwise hopeless situation, marred only by the fact that the fifth member of the team, Angel, has been so far corrupted and mutilated by Apocalypse that he is worlds away from his teammates, both in distance and spirit.

OhmygodohmygodI’mnotcryingbutlooktheyarealltogetherandheylistenithinkIcanhearthethememusicfromtheoldX-MenTVshowplaying. (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

Scott and Jean arrive in downtown Manhattan just in time to see the demon invasion from Limbo tear wide open into the city streets. You know how toxicity and nastiness just seems to follow some couples around all over the place? It checks out. (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

People of Manhattan. There is a mother-loving demon INFERNO going on right now. Do you think maybe you could all go home and stay inside instead of constantly boarding possessed subway trains all the time??? That sale at Macy’s will still be there when the demon inferno is finished.

The other thing of note in these panels is, apparently, the New York subway system is actually threaded through the bridges connecting the islands. I did not know that! What an amazing marvel of modern technology. I learn something new every time I read these comics!! (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

Jean and Scott finally join the party in demon possessed Manhattan after jet setting to the midwest for a hot second to look for Scott’s lost kid. And we see here that not only are Jean’s telepathic abilities beginning to return to her, also returning to Jean’s mutant repertoire is her mutant ability to be a STONE COLD BITCH about Scott getting married to another woman while she was dead. “You MARRIED that woman. Why did you have to marry her???” Jesus Jean!! You were dead!! What do you expect him to do, keep your torch burning for the rest of his life??? Scott has enough god damned sexual repressions to deal with without having to feel guilty about cheating on his DEAD wife. And he didn’t even know she was going to turn into a god damned goblin lady!! Nobody expects their wife to turn into a goblin lady (although honestly I’ve seen it happen). Sheesh. For the first time in the history of this blog I’m on Scott’s side in an argument about his love life. (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

Unfortunately, because the whole of the Inferno crossover is split between two omnibus collections, I’m inevitably reading these stories out of order (even though I’ve hopefully ordered these posts to be in order before they get published). As such it’s been forever since I last read an X-Factor comic. I completely forgot that Candy Southern got killed, but looking through my old posts my memory is refreshed and I see that yeah, she just got the shit killed out of her during Warren’s battle with Cameron Hodge, who himself we know is only MOSTLY dead right here, thanks to N’astirh’s foreshadowing and the knowledge that he comes back to life during the upcoming Extinction Agenda storyline. (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

Oh great. It been not so long since Beast reverted to his monstrous hairy form, and in doing so we find out that Trish Tilby is a speciest. She only likes her men to be big, dumb, and get this… HUMAN looking. #TrumpsAmerica (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

After years of buildup, many prologue issues, and crossover chapters priming the pot, we’re finally getting into Inferno proper and the mutant shit is really about to start to hitting the mutant fan. The original X-Men reunite in Manhattan in time to confront all of the carnivorous skyscrapers, possessed fire escapes, and demon hordes of the Inferno invasion, and at the same time the possibility of the old and the new X-Men teams meeting up during the melee is becoming more and more likely. Sparks are going to fly!!! (X-Factor #36 – Jan 1989)

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 260 – Professor Power’s Prodigal Podcast:

Illustration by @davidwynne!

In which we explore the aftermath of Multiple Man’s death; X-Factor has a lot of feelings; it probably sucks to grieve with Charles Xavier; neither power nor responsibility is particularly fun; we finally find out who was trying to kill Polaris; Professor Power makes it to the big leagues; and the ‘90s were one long leg day.


  • Vectors of Malice transmission
  • X-Factor #101-102
  • X-Factor Annual #9
  • The aftermath of Jamie Madrox’s death
  • Several ways to grieve
  • Captain Capitalism and Plucky the Girl Wonder
  • A foiled robbery
  • Several guest stars
  • Multiple Man’s Muir Island years
  • Several assassination attempts
  • Some shady government shenanigans
  • Beatrice Conners (sort of)
  • A surprisingly muscular astral projection
  • Haven’s deeply dubious origin story
  • Professor Power
  • A surprisingly muscular android
  • One way to clean a room
  • Creative uses of mutant powers
  • Top-ten lists

NEXT EPISODE: Live at FlameCon with Vita Ayala!

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HE’S THICC. What deal with Mephisto did Scott have to make to get that ass?!

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I have a theory that Scott was replaced with an imperfect clone for the entirety of X-Factor. Thoughts?

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