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These comics written by Louise Simonson are al…

These comics written by Louise Simonson are always so campy that I forget they are R-rated until a helpless police officer gets eviscerated by a bunch of starving demons in a ritualistic blood orgy. Anyway, the main Inferno villains do a lot of flitting about to all the major X-Men comic books, but it’s funny that we really only get insight into their master plan in this incredibly forgettable X-Terminators mini-series starring a bunch of puke faced little mutant kids that nobody likes. N’astirh’s scheme is front and center in this comic and as I’m reading it for the first time I’m realizing that I never really understood what was going on during this crossover. Basically, in order to invade and conquer Earth, N’astirh needs a bunch of mutant babies to perpetuate his magic into existence, because the raw matter of babies is young and virile enough to withstand the dark powers involved, and their brains are not developed enough to resist the demon’s dark bidding. He also needs Wiz Kid to build him a demon infused computer system to manage all his spells for some reason, because apparently the dark magic is too complicated for N’astirh to memorize without a few Microsoft Access databases alphabetizing his glyphs and ordering his sigils. Makes perfect sense, except that N’astirh already built Madelyne Pryor a super powered computer system that can literally do everything the X-Men want and he didn’t need some insufferable little dick-mouthed kid to help him. (X-Terminators #3 – Dec 1988)

chrispandart: X-women Marvel Fashion serie: Lo…


X-women Marvel Fashion serie:

Lorna Dane aka Polaris

Find her on my artbook and go help me make that book real





Weapon X v3 #18, July 2018, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, penciled by Yildiray Cinar

by  Simone Bianchi


Simone Bianchi

lornaspolaris: Alphabet + color editing challe…


Alphabet + color editing challenge with @jonlanekents : p + red/green

P for Polaris



cykelops-moved: I am fire and life incarnate. …


I am fire and life incarnate. Now and forever. I am Phoenix.



rogue ☆ | requested by @billybatson

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 227 – W…

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 227 – Wolverine, Killing:

In which Cowboy Poet Wolverine is the best Wolverine; the Masters of the Universe basically had Internet Cat names; Miles has an Early Metallica moment; Wolverine: Killing is just ludicrously excellent; and the hawk joke somehow keeps going.


  • An eccentric approach to ecoterrorism
  • Wolverine: Inner Fury
  • Wolverine: Killing
  • The narrative limits of Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Various Terrors
  • The Whale and/or Shark
  • Microminibots
  • A trap
  • Mr. Big
  • A sexy coffee cup
  • Literary allusions
  • Atmospheric narration
  • Urban despair
  • A peculiar community
  • Cowboy Poet Wolverine
  • A thematic meditation
  • Depressingly exceptional representation of a lady in peril
  • King Hiss
  • The world according to Logan
  • The theoretical microbrewery scene of an imaginary enclave
  • Regional differences in IPAs
  • Feelings and their various sources
  • The symbolism of Wolverine’s costume
  • Home
  • How Archangel sleeps
  • Adamantium vs. Vibranium

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