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Kitty: Remy, you don’t have a bag?
Gambit: I could never deprive the world of the portion of my chest the strap would cover.

Bobby Drake: I’m just a lost gay trying to navigate through a capitalist society.
Kitty Pryde: We never got any Glee bloopers, huh?
Illyana Rasputin: Sure we did, 121 episodes worth of them.
Kitty Pryde:
Bobby Drake: Shots fucking fired.

Kitty Pryde: Since I became an X-Man, I’ve been shot, stabbed, set on fire, poisoned, stabbed, partially chewed, stabbed, and declared legally dead! Twice on the same day!
Emma Frost: You said “stabbed” like three times.
Kitty Pryde: That’s just by YOU! Total it’s more like… holy shit, nineteen!



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Shadowcat by Babs Tarr

[after the X-Mansion gets attacked and blown up (again)]
Cyclops: You could have called us.
Kitty Pryde: You took our phones away.
Jean Grey: You could have used a landline.
Bobby Drake: I don’t know your numbers.
Storm: You don’t know our numbers?
Rogue: What’s my number?
Everyone: …
Wolverine: Three.
Rogue: No.


And so – With laughter and trascendent joy – the
dream is reconsecrated…
and Excalibur… that most ancient and noble blade..
Once more redrawn




Remember when Charles was like ‘scott you idiot why are you treating everyone like unique individuals deserving of respect ’

Uncanny X-Men #129

(What do I win?)


Free car rides with kitty?

I think there is someone more deserving of that

Emma Frost: Fiyero broke up with me!
Kitty Pryde: Why are you looking up?
Emma Frost: I want to cry but my foundation cost $48.

Kitty Pryde: You’re standing on thin ice.
Drax: I’m standing on the floor.
Kitty Pryde: It’s an expression.
Drax: It’s a carpet.