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I’m a B-plus.  My whole life, I was hoping to …

I’m a B-plus.  My whole life, I was hoping to be an A, and I’m a B-plus.  And I’m okay with that.

scotty-summers:Cyclops in X-Hoodies :) How can…


Cyclops in X-Hoodies 🙂

How can one man look so casual yet so uptight?


Cyclops: I need a plan.
Pyro: Burn the school down.
Bobby: I have an idea, but we’re gonna need a tugboat.
Cyclops: Arson and tugboats. That’s all I can ever get from you guys.

x-mehs: “Hey, Stan, you know who they were? I …


“Hey, Stan, you know who they were? I tell ya, they never used to do that when we had the book.”
“Ah, Jack, you know these young kids–they got no respect.”

Uncanny X-Men #98

Remember video rental stores? Rachel remembers…

Remember video rental stores? Rachel remembers. Too bad they were supposed to be under house arrest at the time. 

”Watch out for late fees, ‘kay?”

(Uncanny X-Men #469)


Wolverine: Look, Scott. I want to apologize for everything I said. For what it’s worth, I really like having you around.
Cyclops: No, you don’t.
Wolverine: I know. I have dreams where I staple your fingers to your face.

scotty-summers: babies !


babies !

The context of the last panel is Emma waking up in the middle of the night to find Scott assembling a crib and fussing over baby stuff for when Nathan brings Hope back. It’s adorable in that awkward Cyclops way.

(also why are you even questioning the baby clothes thing, Scott? You raised a kid for like, twelve years. did you forget how they work?)


My sister was bored so I asked her to draw me Cyclops. 

”Doing what?”
”Whatever you want.”
”Is there a certain artist I should reference?”
”Nope. Whatever style you find most aesthetically-pleasing,”
This is what she came up with:

She knows me so well.

mikuloctopus: 90′s Cyclops 


90′s Cyclops