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Astonishing X-Men #08 (2018)

jamesproudstar: There are rules? Shoot, I wish…


There are rules? Shoot, I wish someone’d told me that.

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rogue icons (request by anonymous)
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Rogue: Call 911!
Wolverine: Rogue, what part of this looks like authorities should be involved?

flyntwardtheweedlord: nightcrawler and rogue …


nightcrawler and rogue in uncanny x-men #192 (1985)

He’s such a ham.

extraordinaryxmen: – You running again?  – No…


– You running again?

 – Not really.

We wrap up this Genosha storyline with the X-M…

We wrap up this Genosha storyline with the X-Men forcing Wipeout to restore Rogue’s and Wolverine’s powers, and then the team departs while leaving a dire warning for those in power to start making some changes that don’t involve enslaving other races, rather than taking direct action to remove them from power.

Like this would even work! Can you imagine if a bullet proof superhero of the poverty stricken and oppressed stormed into the American congress and forced our senators to acknowledge the evil they do and the pain they cause?? And then they just left and said “if you don’t stop all of this shit, I’ll be back!!” Do you think our dumb fuck politicians would change their ways??? No! They’d use it as an excuse to fund the NRA to build laser blasters or some shit. (Uncanny X-Men #238 – Nov 1988)



“Now is that any way to treat a comrade, cher?”

The X-Men FINALLY show up to help rescue Wolve…

The X-Men FINALLY show up to help rescue Wolverine, Rogue, and Madelyne from their Genosha captors (they sure took their sweet tap-dancing time), and Wolverine’s claws come out. It’s always nice to see the good guys do some murdering after they’ve been getting abused for 3 straight issues!! (Uncanny X-Men #238 – Nov 1988)

This is the first time Wolverine refers to him…

This is the first time Wolverine refers to himself as “Patch” which will soon become one of his more prominent alter-egos. By this time this comic was published in November of 1988, Wolverine’s solo series was already underway, and in those stories he fully assumes the Patch identity during his time in Singapore. But throughout these issues of Uncanny X-Men he’s consistently been with the team, so it hasn’t yet seemed like a good time to divert and read those comics yet. And seriously, he’s not even wearing an eyepatch here. What sense does it make to call himself Patch??? I’d totally be like, “Patch, huh. Where’s your god damned eyepatch?” Totally obvious fake name. (Uncanny X-Men #238 – Nov 1988)