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Doctor: Ms. Darkholme, the fact that you didn’t call your son is worrisome.
Mystique: What good would he have been? He’s useless in a hospital. I recall this one time he cried and cried. I mean it was more like wailing. It was awful.
Nightcrawler: She’s recalling my birth.


keep in mind, i have no ploblem accelerating your death. if you insist on playing out this pathetic drama.

mystique in uncanny x-men (1963) #406.


Two mutants, an Austrian precognitive named Irene Adler and the shape-shifting Raven Darkhölme, embarked on a quest for wealth and influence under the names Destiny and Mystique.


Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990)

written by Chris Claremont
art by Mike Collins, Joseph Rubinstein & Brad Vancata

Professor X: Remember, murder is never the answer.
Magneto: Of course. Murder is the question.
Mystique: And the answer is yes.


Mystique by Kris Anka *

Rogue: Why are you like this?
Mystique: I used too much ‘No More Tears’ shampoo as a kid and haven’t felt a single emotion since then.

Magneto: The whole plan is coming together…
Toad: Hey, I don’t think you ever told us your plan.
Magneto: I don’t have to tell you everything. I don’t have to tell you ANYthing!
Mystique: And that just about sums up our time spent here.