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Quentin Quire T-Shirt Compilation 2019

Future X-Men


X-Men (2018)

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Quentin quire. My trash boy who i cherish.

I feel like Quentin Quire came into existence nine months after a couple of anarchists f#cked at Dashcon


in the ball pit

Winter’s End

Winter’s End


x-kids aesthetic (part 2)


“It’s hard to pinpoint any one experience, but some students make you age 15 years in 15 minutes.”

Kurt, career sword-swinging swashbuckling superhero, encounters omega levels of edge for the first time.

Has he met his match?!

(This is awesome! )

I made a Part 2 to this

‘cause let’s be real: if anyone was going to accidentally use innuendo with a completely straight face, it would be Cyclops.

(X-Men: Schism #2

Bored Asshole #78)


I like that through the years, Scott and Logan eventually begun to appreciate each other’s qualities and built a friendship of mutual respect.