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Note: “Appropriate attire” in this dimension is wearing more material on your boots than over your crotch.
Just another day for Excalibur. 

(Excalibur #16)


Thomas Perkins

I like how the Inferno storyline just finished, during which the borough of Manhattan was completely overrun by demons from hell, and afterwards, normal New York City is more or less just as threatening to the team of Excalibur as it was when it was infested with demons. MAYHEM IN MANHATTAN!!! LOOK OUT FOR THAT NORMAL ASS TAXI CAB. IT MIGHT NOT TRY TO EAT YOU LIKE THAT ONE FROM A FEW DAYS AGO BUT IT WILL STILL RUN YOU OVER AND DRAG YOUR WORTHLESS CORPSE THROUGH THE CITY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. (Excalibur #8 – May 1989)


Mike Mayhew – X-Men in “Civil War II” 



shoutout to logan and kurt’s outfits. 

I don’t think spines work this way?




Shout out to all the mutuals I’ve sent that one photoshop I did to make a peach look like Nightcrawler’s ass

It is time the world saw

(I never said it was a good photoshop )


Boy Bamfs: Daddy! 
Girl Bamfs: Daddy~ 

(Nightcrawler 1985 #3, #4)


The movies really said Kurt can have one sexy super power scene and that’s it, and they put it all in X2’s opening.


Kurt, pulling up to the school at the crack of dawn on Easter morning

Kurt: get in, loser! We’re going to Mass!