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ironman this, captain america that — why isn’t the media talking about the only male marvel superhero that actually matters? nightcrawler 

I second this.

Time to focus on the stuff that matters.

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francisxie: you: kurts fanbase is so horny kur…


you: kurts fanbase is so horny

kurt wagner himself:



This has got to be my favorite Kurt figure (aside from my giant X2 Kurt, but he’s special to me)

16 moveable areas, three heads, spare sword hand, this Kurt is divine! His tail doesn’t bend or have a joint, but it’s loose and at least can rotate at the base.

Finally, Nightcrawler merch! And it’s amazing!






Kurt: *does literally anything*


I feel bad for poor Matt: His heightened sense…

I feel bad for poor Matt: His heightened senses would mean he can not only smell Kurt's brimstone but also get stunned at each teleport. He's feel it 4 times more than your average superhero.

As someone who has recently been in a room with burning brimstone (long story), I’m not sure how people like Matt, Beast, Warpath, Wolfsbane, or any of the Wolverines would be able to survive anywhere near Kurt. Honestly, bff Logan’s sense of smell should be completely gone by now.

Imagine Kurt going all over New York to find t…




  • Used to the large Gothic cathedrals in Germany, he tries to find one in New York.
  • But the ones he finds also have very large congregations. 
    • There’s an odd mixture of acceptance, fear, and most importantly hate directed towards him. So the next week he goes to a different church.
  • Finally he finds a small church in the broken down side of New York. In Hell’s Kitchen. 
  • He sits in the back of a church. There aren’t many people there, mostly elderly folks, a few small families and a few loners like himself.
  • Just before Mass starts he hears the click of someone tapping the wooden pew with a cane. 
    • The man, wearing sunglasses inside the dimly lit church, smiles politely and nods at Kurt. “Good morning.” He greets before retracting the white cane and kneeling down in prayer. 
    • Of course he doesn’t mind Kurt’s appearance, he’s blind.
  • There’s a moment of silence just before the Lord’s Prayer when the man extends his right hand towards Kurt so that they may pray together.
    • He hesitates but gently takes the man’s hand and begins to pray. 
    • The man’s brow creases only for a second before he starts to pray as well. 
  • And when it’s time for the Sign of Peace, the man shakes Kurt’s hand firmly and with a gentle smile, “Peace be with you.” 
  • After the concluding rites, the man looks in Kurt’s direction again, “See you next week.” He light heartedly jokes and goes on his way.
  • Kurt is stunned. The man may have been blind but he held his deformed hand like he was just another person. The other parishioners pay him little mind, a few smile in passing at him and leave him to his prayers.
  • Holding back a few tears Kurt realizes he’s found his home away from home.

I’m crying okay?
Like literally….

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE I love this so much please

Sort of related but not really:

(Nightcrawler 2004 #12)

Sadly, Matt does not appear to be visiting Salem Center that day

aniaww: This show is a gem. Kurt is a gem.


This show is a gem. Kurt is a gem.