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mutant girls

Hello everyone! As Dark Phoenix and New Mutant…

Hello everyone! As Dark Phoenix and New Mutants release gets closer, we have decided to open up applications for new members to join the blog. 

We are looking for members who are:
• Passionate about the X-Men franchise.
• Experienced with Photoshop and are able to make quality gifs and/or graphics.
• Able to contribute frequently with original posts.

All you need to do is answer these questions and we will take a look at your application. 

  1. Name and Age: 
  2. Link to your gifs/graphics: 
  3. How often will you be able to post for us?: 
  4. Apart from original content how often would you also be able to reblog post or post news?: 
  5. Who is your favorite X-Men character?

Please submit your application HERE.

If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to ask us or myself at @jeangrey! Hope to see you all soon. 

nelsonhernandez-0607: ‘nuff said.  (x-men jok…


‘nuff said. 

(x-men jokes)




iconic cover

iconic cover

New Mutants Variants

New Mutants Variants



New Mutants: Dead Souls aka Illyana and Her Terrible Leadership Skills

kevinwada: Wolfsbane 2018 commission



2018 commission

From here we’re heading straight into Inferno….

From here we’re heading straight into Inferno. The demon realm of Limbo has been threatening to burst and spill into our dimension for ages now, and we’ve all been procrastinating our ASSES off about dealing with it. You guys should have taken care of this problem ages ago!! See, this is basically what it looks like underneath my refrigerator since I haven’t cleaned under there since I bought my house 15 years ago. When I look under there, I can see eyeballs staring back at me. There’s a scorching case of conflagration going on under there. (New Mutants #70 – Dec 1988)

Lila Cheney, a fun, Dazzler-esque, teleportati…

Lila Cheney, a fun, Dazzler-esque, teleportation based character and Sam’s girlfriend who we really haven’t spent too much time with, buys the farm right here after teleporting these planet eating space slugs to the surface of the sun. Not a bad way to go. Hey this means Sam’s single!! Go get him Rahne!! Btw there’s no way they would see those insects exploding on the sun unless the sun was right god damned next to the planet in which case everyone’s faces would be melting off. (New Mutants #70 – Dec 1988)