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She was the Princess of the Blood, a Daughter of the Sea, an unrepentant troublemaker like her father, and as fearless as her mother.

Namor Week Day 3 – What if? Lady Dorma had lived, she & Namor had a daughter named Fen ll?

King Namor, Queen Dorma, and Princess Fen ll. I’m so in love with this beautiful art of the royal Atlantean family.

Art commission by the awesome @sabrielart Thank you!


New Mutants cover homages (2011-2014) by Patricio Oliver.

Polaris By Jose Colon (J.C-ART)

As I promised. Polaris floating while keeping Genosha in orbit. Enjoy and be safe.

Wiccan by Christopher Fokken

Wonder man by Mike Deodato

Havok by Brian Thies

Magneto by Creeesart

Polaris, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and Magneto all by Thony Silas

Quicksilver by Darryl Banks