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kitty: hey, emma, how come youre wearing a pantsuit today?

emma: it’s Scott’s birthday.

kitty: hmm. i will try as hard as i can not to think about that too closely

Oh, they’ve met

(Dark Avengers #8, Uncanny X-Men #6)

(Dark Reign: The List)


good evening


Scott Team Up



“We keep trying to wipe out all the Mutants but Nightcrawler has already impregnated 3% of the human population of Earth and he’s not stopping!”

-X-Men villains after HOX 6


“Danke! But, I shouldn’t take all the credit. I couldn’t have it done without all the help I could get. It was a LOT of help so, please stop idolizing me… However I would like to thank the following: ” And pulls out a ridiculously long list from his pocket and after unrolling it, the list drops to the floor to continue unraveling then proceeds to read names for the three upcoming hours.

He’s right. It was a team effort!

The Mutant Multiplication Task Force accepts their orders. Colorized, 2019


There’s this trope called ‘Danger Room Cold Open’ where a story starts off with the heroes doing a training exorcise. It’s a good way to quickly introduce your characters and their abilities.

It wasn’t until re-ready Uncanny X-Men #1 that I was reminded why the tv tropes used to call it ‘Professor X Likes Watching Teenagers Sweat’

An island nation for Mutants? What could possibly go wrong?




I had to. (Art by Pepe Larraz, Words by Jonathan Hickman, except the obvious)

Kurt said its time for an orgy and by god they had themselves and orgy. 

As awesome as that’d be, with the way this lame new run has been. They probably mean more pod people clones.



Kamala: Let’s just keep, like, a lower profile. And if anyone asks, you can tell them that you’re my, uh…

Scott: Son!

Kamala: You’re older than me.

Scott: Grandson.