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my name is James, and wen regresd,i loos my no…

my name is James, 
and wen regresd,
i loos my nose
and still maek breths,
but wen i see
my fren does not-
i get big scare.
i lik the Scott.

(Wolverine (1982) #101)


I made a Part 2 to this

‘cause let’s be real: if anyone was going to accidentally use innuendo with a completely straight face, it would be Cyclops.

(X-Men: Schism #2

Bored Asshole #78)



I like that through the years, Scott and Logan eventually begun to appreciate each other’s qualities and built a friendship of mutual respect.

marvel1980s: Wolverine and Mariko by Kerry Gam…


Wolverine and Mariko by Kerry Gammill and Terry Austin

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Wolverine & Nightcrawler  –  Amazing X-Men #5

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"Drawing a room of the X-Mansion. What sh…

"Drawing a room of the X-Mansion. What should be in a huge framed portrait on the wall?" I know it was an old post of yours but for Kurt's room, it'd be a Wolverine portrait, the one he got from one of his birthdays.

If I ever draw Kurt’s room, you can BET it will be on the wall! But geez, Logan, you didn’t even SIGN the darn thing! They could have paid rent with that, you stabby bastard!
I’d like to think that for Logan’s birthday one year, -after the obligatory having to fight Sabretooth,of course- everyone had jokingly gotten him a framed photo of Kurt because no one is original and they didn’t talk about it first, and Kurt sneaked into Logan’s room one day and hung all of them up on one of his walls. We never see that wall on-panel, but it could still be there: just a wall of Kurts in various poses and costumes. If he tries to take them down, someone puts them up again.
The Avengers might all get him lots of booze every year, but no one knows Logan like his X family.
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Wolverine and Nightcrawler: Reunion

Bonus panel:

How I imagine 616Logan will react to Kurt’s “I’m immortal now” nonsense.

maxximoffed: You read Japanese? Uncanny X-Men…


You read Japanese?

Uncanny X-Men #118

wadewilson-parker: Logan looking at porn Uncan…


Logan looking at porn

Uncanny X-Men #129