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All this time and I never realized that my true weakness is pointy eared pirates who can speak German…

I would buy this team-up comic

How do we stay content in our marriage? Well, …

How do we stay content in our marriage? Well, Rachel and I decided right away to avoid the typical relationship drama by keeping everything off-panel. In fact, we even dated off-panel! We keep the children off-panel and the dog too! Nobody wants pet-drama,
-laughter-. We’re all very happy, though!




For anyone who has been wondering about Kurt and Rachel’s relationship…:


I think this is just for drama though. In the next arc, Rachel is going to have a dark turn, which -in my opinion- will lead to an end of their relationship anyway.
Even if it won’t, poor Kurt has no luck with his romantic life… 🙂

Unpopular opinion but I’ve been rooting for these two to be a couple for years. Pretty much since the 90s runs and reading Excalibur for the first time growing up. I always loved them. This seems a bit fast, but I’m just happy they finally explored it.

A Rant:

This pairing deserves so much better. They have so much history together and a surprising amount in common. I think they could be good for each other. 

Unfortunately, this cheap drama plotpoint can be spotted from a mile away. This pairing most likely only exists for the dramatic Dark Phoenix 2.0 plotline. However, you kind of have to invest us in the relationship before you insert the “my lover has gone mad!” angst.
 I’m not demanding major panel time to this pairing, but there should be a better balance of show vs tell. We haven’t even seen Rachel speak or think about her feelings on this ‘relationship’ since it started. Kurt is supposedly very happy. Is she happy?

How long have they even been dating?

 I mean, Kurt has always been written as very guarded over his heart. He’ll flirt and do a rare inter-dimensional hookup, but he seems to be either afraid of emotional intimacy with a romantic partner or fear being rejected by them should he ask, so the chicks have always made the first move. This is almost certainly the in-universe reason he never asked out Ororo, and actually is the in-universe reason he took forever to make a move on Christine Palmer. He was cautious and unsure about entering into a relationship with Rachel. Yet, it’s apparently going so well that he got up the courage to tell someone else that he wants to propose. This is kind of a major deal for his character, isn’t it? The readers don’t get to share in this gloriously-wonderful relationship? I mean, we like these characters and want to see good things happen to them.
 Considering this panel itself is a death flag for a relationship in the same vein of a movie cop saying he’s excited about retirement, we’re probably going to be treated to an unpleasant breakup.
 It’s really hard to tell if this is bad writing or if the pairing was editorially mandated for some reason and Guggenheim actually just doesn’t care about writing it. 

 On a lighter note:

Sassy Sister said they should get married off-panel and have three beautiful off-panel children. *snort*


How this looks to Betsy:

Random blue teenager: OMG Dad! I’m in trouble!
Kurt: Hallo, In Trouble, I’m Dad.
Betsy: That escalated quickly.

Pretty sure it’s an unwritten X-Men rule that if a child just shows up and claims you’re related via plot nonsense, you’re supposed to just shrug and go with it.


Nightcrawler: Would this be an appropriate time to panic?
Kitty Pryde: Probably, yeah.
Nightcrawler: [screams]

 X-MEN GOLD [ They Said It Couldn’t Be D…

 X-MEN GOLD [ They Said It Couldn’t Be Done – Grandmaster Flash ]


Kurt/Rachel Headcanon

 Rachel isn’t that into PDA. She’s not embarrassed; she just doesn’t think it’s anyone else’s business. Kurt loves physical affection, but respects her boundaries. She keeps a telepathic line open to chat with him during the day. Kurt uses it to flirt shamelessly.

Also pranks. Because he would.

winekita: First of all, Kurt is adorable in t…


First of all, Kurt is adorable in this outfit. And that smile lights up my world no matter how many times I see it.

Secondly, these guys must have been in Canada during the winter if everyone is wearing heavy winter gear and Logan’s just chillin’ in a t-shirt and light flannel long-sleeved shirt.

coinwaves: kamdensl: From Uncanny X-Men #448…



From Uncanny X-Men #448

I just love it whenever Kurt sits like an adorable weirdo.

Where is that chicks arm going!!! Is he sitting on it???

If this is the only panel I get of Ray grabbing Kurt’s ass, I’ll take it.

X-MEN RED #5 by Mahmud Asrar

X-MEN RED #5 by Mahmud Asrar