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Kitty Pryde, t-posing in the hallway: Good morning, Parental Figure.
Logan, not looking up from his coffee: Good morning, Problem Child.


X-men Renegades (Fireverse) Concept 1 Color

Should have the extra renegades side chapter I wrote up tomorrow.

Kitty Pryde: For several years now, the Cerebro system updates haven’t been automatically installing. Why didn’t it show up on any of the consoles?
Jean Grey: A broken connection?
Gambit: Or maybe, someone unplugged something and used them for his heated curling tongs? And there was a voice that said, “Do not unplug, software updates will not be installed.” And this dude had to make a choice between his hair and the updates. And he chose his hair.
Gambit: Maybe?

The most noteworthy detail in these panels (forget about all this grief nonsense) is that the X-Men’s base rebuilds itself after getting blown up. I guess this is sort of a required plot contrivance given the frequency with which the X-Men’s mansion blows up, but come on. How could this even be possible? Where does it get the raw materials from? Who does the furnishings? Do little robots go through the rubble and sort out everyone’s personal belongings and corpses? I’m pretty sure most of the Marauders are still buried under there. Fucking comic books. (Excalibur #8 – May 1989)

X-Babies??? Hey is it getting dark out here or is Kitty pissing shade all over everyone again? Turns out, Kitty is being passive aggressive here because she’s super pissed about Doug Ramsey and Magik getting killed while being with the New Mutants.


Geez Kitty, it’s not like they were trying to get their teammates killed. And it’s not like you haven’t ever made any mistakes. Man, it’s gotta be so irritating for the New Mutants when Kitty Pryde gets all superior with them just because she’s on the actually X-Men team and the rest of them are on the junior team of New Mutants. She’s still only 15 here!! (Excalibur #8 – May 1989)

I like how the Inferno storyline just finished, during which the borough of Manhattan was completely overrun by demons from hell, and afterwards, normal New York City is more or less just as threatening to the team of Excalibur as it was when it was infested with demons. MAYHEM IN MANHATTAN!!! LOOK OUT FOR THAT NORMAL ASS TAXI CAB. IT MIGHT NOT TRY TO EAT YOU LIKE THAT ONE FROM A FEW DAYS AGO BUT IT WILL STILL RUN YOU OVER AND DRAG YOUR WORTHLESS CORPSE THROUGH THE CITY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. (Excalibur #8 – May 1989)



shoutout to logan and kurt’s outfits. 

I don’t think spines work this way?

Storm: Since you won’t be able to contact me for a month, I’ve left a complimentary bowl of advice. For instance, “Quicksilver, stop doing that” applies to everything.
Quicksilver: That’s wassup, that’s wassup. Erryday, erryday.
Kitty Pryde: Quicksilver, stop doing that.

Nightcrawler: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and –
Kitty Pryde: Was diagnosed with mesothelioma.
Nightcrawler: Momma called the doctor and the doctor said –
Bobby Drake: You might be entitled to financial compensation if he or a loved one dies.