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Good gravy is this how heroin addiction works? It just waits until you are emotionally vulnerable and then it flings a handful of hypodermic needles at you from a dark alley like ninja stars? And that’s like some kind of siren’s call that an addict can’t resist? Yeesh I would not want to touch a single hypodermic needle that got flung at me from a dark alley. Anyway, it’s tough to keep all of Matt’s woman problems straight when we just come waltzing along poking our heads into these Daredevil crossover issues like this. He’s apparently been living with Karen Page, but also having a sadomasochistic emotional affair with Typhoid Mary at the same time, and now he’s driven another one of his girlfriends back into the smack addled alleys of Hell’s Kitchen. Nice going Matt!! (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Here Karen Page and Black Widow visit that free law clinic we first saw Matt trying to run back during Fall of the Mutants, and we see that the place is a little worse for wear. It’s pretty cool that we can keep up with the continuity of some of these other Marvel comics just by reading crossover issues that are involved in the X-Men storylines. However, it’s not pretty cool when this group of women and children get a random hypodermic needle flung at them on the subway and then act like someone just tried to spit gum in her hair.


That’s basically hepatitis and a world of kidney problems that just got flung at you, woman, show some god damned human emotion you golum! (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)