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Logan has more fights about something that doesn’t matter than a YouTube comments section.

Jubilee: I’m 18 years old!
Jubilee: I have a best friend and her name is Laura.
X23: I am Laura, I am 18 years old.
X23: That’s all to know about me.
Wolverine: Get out of my house!
Wolverine: That’s all to know about me.


100 X-Men edits challenge – 10 teams (4/10)

  • 1990s Blue Team

Art by Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Scott Williams, Art Thibert, Mark Pennington, Bob Wiacek, Dan Panosian, Al Williamson, Joe Rubinstein and Joe Rosas


my favourite x-peeps

Laura: I understand how you want me to be popular. You know, I get it, but I’ve never really been into the whole “having a ton of friends” thing.
Jubilee: Who doesn’t want to have a ton of friends?
Laura: Me? As explicitly expressed in my last sentence?

Jean Grey: Look, the Professor trusts me to fly a giant jet. He wouldn’t trust the rest of you to take care of his dentures.
Jubilee: [wearing the Professor’s dentures] Yes, he would.

Nightcrawler: Peter sins… a lot.
Jean: You can’t say anything Kurt; you made friends with a stoner.
Nightcrawler: No, he was a magic man.
Jubilee: Nah man, he was a stoner.
Nightcrawler: MAGIC MAN.

Jubilee: We’re playing Three Wishes. Cake, hot bath, soft bed. How about you?
Jean: World peace.
Jubilee: Yes, Saint Jean.
Jean: Cure for cancer. And unicorns for all.
Jubilee: Bluh. Nothing ruins Three Wishes like altruism.

Storm: I hate old, rich white people.
Jubilee: I don’t; please donate to my paypal.