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scogan fics

jean: look scott…i’ve been supressing a strange but overpowering desire & lust for logan, & i—

scott: Yeah me too. ur not special :/

To be fair, I’m pretty sure that’s canon:



“So I’m a mutant. I’m an X-Man.”



The X-Men art by Paul Smith

They’re so wholesome, I’m gonna cry

“The Vortex elevates you to a cosmic entity. B…

The Vortex elevates you to a cosmic entity. But there is no accounting for what it does to your heart.

markhamillz: spaceshiprocket: The X-Men by D…



The X-Men by Dave Cockrum




Polaris By Steve Defendini

Polaris By Steve Defendini



X-Women! Commission for @jamiefayx #xmen #xwomen #mutants #marvel #marvelcomics #kittypryde #storm #jeangrey #rogue #emmafrost #psylocke #husk #rachelsummers #dazzler #jubilee #dannymoonstar #firestar #polaris #mutantandproud

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Jean: Talk about your feelings
Cyclops: Keep active
Bobby: Eat an potato
Scarlet Witch: Recite a dark spell
Jubilee: Throw your phone in a lake
Storm: Kiss a bird gently
Wolverine: Scowl
Emma: Make fun of someone you don’t like
Rogue: Lie down in the dirt and let the earth slowly reclaim you

kevinwada: Jean Grey redesign for Flame Con 2…


Jean Grey redesign for Flame Con 2018′s Designing X-Women IV panel.

She was a very hard character to redesign – probably the hardest we’ve ever done.  I went very simple.  Her silhouette was the most important thing, as well as making her look and feel ferocious and sleek.  “Make her look badass,” I kept thinking to myself.  It was also necessary to update her hairdo, as most artists don’t give a second thought to that.  Beyonce On The Run II hair felt very modern and appropriate, especially paired with her iconic headpiece.  I loved the idea of one arm flaming up when she’s using her powers.  Someone mentioned to me later that her fiery arm looks like it’s turning into talons and I pretended that was on purpose :P.