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Aww, Rachel takes the opportunity to visit her baby brother from another dimension while she’s in New York, and it’s nice to see Claremont attempt to maintain their bond across comic books since the two got separated after Rachel left the X-Men. Heartwarming. But what isn’t heartwarming is the fact that Jean Grey is not cut out to be a mother.


Hey guess what Jean! Babies shit! They shit all the time! Everyday! Get used to it! This is the bed you made when you decided to settle for Scott Summers and his shitty little baby! (Excalibur #8 – May 1989)


Phoenix! My Favorite!! It’s been fun doing these simple drawings to clear my head

Kitty Pryde: For several years now, the Cerebro system updates haven’t been automatically installing. Why didn’t it show up on any of the consoles?
Jean Grey: A broken connection?
Gambit: Or maybe, someone unplugged something and used them for his heated curling tongs? And there was a voice that said, “Do not unplug, software updates will not be installed.” And this dude had to make a choice between his hair and the updates. And he chose his hair.
Gambit: Maybe?


no one:

me: the white hot room should be a terrarium


Fabian Corona Hernandez


Mike Mayhew

In the midst of the battle between X-Factor and Nanny (if feels really dumb saying such a stupid supervillain name over and over), Jean is able to rescue her niece and nephew (who Rob Liefeld manages to draw as the most unsettling looking gingers of all time) who were kidnapped and brainwashed by Nanny (god damn it). There’s still no sign of Jean’s sister Sara, who, presumably, was viciously murdered like along with the other parents that the Orphan Maker was stealing from. This all feels pretty tragic, but Jean seems to think that her sister might still be alive (don’t get your hopes up sista, they were really blowing the shit out of a lot of people when they were stealing those kids) and for some reason little Joey and Galen seem to recognize their grandparents even though they can’t remember who they are or who Jean is.


But hey maybe that’s just because Jean is a shitty aunt that never visited her family. (X-Factor #40 – May 1989)