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Logan has more fights about something that doesn’t matter than a YouTube comments section.

Jubilee: I’m 18 years old!
Jubilee: I have a best friend and her name is Laura.
X23: I am Laura, I am 18 years old.
X23: That’s all to know about me.
Wolverine: Get out of my house!
Wolverine: That’s all to know about me.

Stryker: Just because Weapon X’s mental conditioning is obviously breaking down doesn’t NECESSARILY-
Wolverine: [brutally kills a room full of guards]
Trask: A picture’s worth a thousand words, Stryker.
Stryker: And all of them are “fuck”.

Logan: You’ve got to learn to love yourself.
Laura: But don’t you hate yourself?
Logan: Shut up, this is about you.

I’m a goth girl on the inside.  On the outside?  A father figure.

Cyclops: This is not the time to blame Logan.
Wolverine: Thank you. Finally.
Cyclops: There will be plenty of time to blame Logan later, when this is resolved.

Daken: I love you very much.
Daken: *leaves*
Wolverine: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Laura: He’s just trying to get into your head; don’t listen to him.

Cyclops: [puts boot on table] This is the Sentinels base.
Cyclops: Storm, this perfume bottle is you.
Cyclops: Jean, you’re nail polish.
Cyclops: Wolverine, lipstick.
Wolverine: Ew, do you know what that stuff is made of?
Wolverine: [stabs knife into table] I’ll be this knife.

[after the X-Mansion gets attacked and blown up (again)]
Cyclops: You could have called us.
Kitty Pryde: You took our phones away.
Jean Grey: You could have used a landline.
Bobby Drake: I don’t know your numbers.
Storm: You don’t know our numbers?
Rogue: What’s my number?
Everyone: …
Wolverine: Three.
Rogue: No.