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Cyclops: Please revoke your no swearing rule.
Professor X: Why?
Bobby, from the hallway: Well, that really DILLS my PICKLE


X-men Renegades (Fireverse) Concept 1 Color

Should have the extra renegades side chapter I wrote up tomorrow.


Wolverine and the X-Men (S01E11)

+ bonus

Cyclops: We’ll handle this the way we always do.
Wolverine: Brute strength?
Bobby Drake: Almost dying?
Cyclops: No! By sticking together!

[At Harras, Anderson and Brown Accounting Firm]
Bobby Drake: Calc-You-Later!
Accountant: [bursts out laughing]
Bobby Drake: Oh, you like that one, huh?
Accountant: [still laughing] We do not get a lot of humor here, and when we do, it’s wonderful.
Accountant: [shouting across the office] Ted! Come in here!
Bobby Drake: Oh.
Accountant: Tell it to Ted when he comes in.

In the midst of the battle between X-Factor and Nanny (if feels really dumb saying such a stupid supervillain name over and over), Jean is able to rescue her niece and nephew (who Rob Liefeld manages to draw as the most unsettling looking gingers of all time) who were kidnapped and brainwashed by Nanny (god damn it). There’s still no sign of Jean’s sister Sara, who, presumably, was viciously murdered like along with the other parents that the Orphan Maker was stealing from. This all feels pretty tragic, but Jean seems to think that her sister might still be alive (don’t get your hopes up sista, they were really blowing the shit out of a lot of people when they were stealing those kids) and for some reason little Joey and Galen seem to recognize their grandparents even though they can’t remember who they are or who Jean is.


But hey maybe that’s just because Jean is a shitty aunt that never visited her family. (X-Factor #40 – May 1989)

Hey, would you help me out? I’m very gay, I’d like a few dollars.

Oh come ON that does not mean he’s you’re grandchild!!! His mother was grown in a test tube after Jean’s DNA was stolen by Mr. Sinister and then both he and the Phoenix Force jacked off into it. That doesn’t make you relatives!! Talk about having a maternity complex. There is just so much jack assery going on in these panels. And look, if you ever needed proof of what a terrible and inconsistent artist Rob Liefeld is, just compare that last panel of Jean’s mom to the one he draws on the next page where she looks like she’s the Wicked Witch of the West in disguise as a regular person who then gets possessed by the Evil Dead.


You can’t unsee this shit!! (X-Factor #40 – May 1989)