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Marvel Teases Return of Cyclops

“Marvel just dropped a new teaser for it’s X-Men focused Extermination event, and it features the group’s resident optic blast expert Cyclops.

The new teaser features the words Set It Right, as Cyclops holds his visor in his hands. The premise of Extermination hinges on the length of time that the original 5 X-Men have stayed int eh present, altering the timeline and having a devastating effect on their histories, so Set It Right could be referring to the timeline.

Thing is, it could also be referring in this image specifically to Cyclops himself. The Cyclops fans got to know throughout the years has been dead since Death of X, dying from the M-Pox virus thanks to the Inhumans. If the X-Men brought from the past is setting things right in regards to the timeline, perhaps there’s a way to bring back the original Cyclops to the land of the living as well.”


Is it too soon to use this image?