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On the cover of the last Daredevil comic I read, I mistakenly referred to a possessed vacuum cleaner as a possessed TV antenna. I’m not going to make that same mistake again here, by trying to figure out what the fuck that thing is that Daredevil is fighting based on this picture alone without any other context.

Ok I’m just going to say that it looks like he’s fighting a possessed construction barge. Let’s see if I’m right!! (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Well what comes next??? After just barely defeating the possessed vacuum cleaner that was trying to rape him earlier in this comic, Matt gets confronted by Typhoid Mary and then geez this is one of the most abrupt endings to a comic book I’ve ever seen. No teaser for the next issue or anything. (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Here Karen Page and Black Widow visit that free law clinic we first saw Matt trying to run back during Fall of the Mutants, and we see that the place is a little worse for wear. It’s pretty cool that we can keep up with the continuity of some of these other Marvel comics just by reading crossover issues that are involved in the X-Men storylines. However, it’s not pretty cool when this group of women and children get a random hypodermic needle flung at them on the subway and then act like someone just tried to spit gum in her hair.


That’s basically hepatitis and a world of kidney problems that just got flung at you, woman, show some god damned human emotion you golum! (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

So it turns out that Matt’s nemesis in this comic is not a possessed TV antenna like I thought based on the cover of this comic, but rather, a possessed vacuum cleaner. And despite how cool this scene is where a legally dead Daredevil is forced to will his heart to beat again by a persistent apparition of Stick, and despite how marvelously surreal Ann Nocenti’s writing continues to be in these crazy ass issues of Daredevil, we are all still left to contend with this horrifying image of Daredevil being violated by a possessed vacuum cleaner.


Yikes!! (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

God damn it looks like we’re jumping straight into shit’s creek in this Daredevil comic. Sometimes the worst part about reading these Inferno crossover comics is trying to figure out just what in the David Lynch is going on in some of these stories. Who is this crazy chick who seems to be dating Daredevil but also may or may not have killed him? (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Daredevil has faced the most unimaginable enemies of all time. Super villains. Crime kingpins. Zombie ninja ex-girlfriends. But now he faces his most deadly challenge of all time. A New York City rooftop TV antenna. You can never get those motherfuckers adjusted just right!! (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)