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‘oh, render unto me a flamin’ break’ should’ve been his catchphrase, it is DELIGHTFUL

I love drama queen Logan 😀


100 X-Men edits challenge – 10 teams (1/10)

  • All-New, All-Different lineup

Art by Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Bob McLeod (inks on Uncanny X-Men #94), Glynis Wein (colors on Giant-Size X-Men #1, Uncanny X-Men #125), Phil Rachelson (colors on Uncanny X-Men #’s 94, 96), Sam Grainger (inks on Uncanny X-Men #’s 96, 103, 104), Frank Chiaramonte (inks on Uncanny X-Men #101), Bob Layton (inks on Uncanny X-Men #105) Bonnie Wilford (colors on Uncanny X-Men #101), Janice Cohen (colors on Uncanny X-Men #103), A. Yanchus (colors on Uncanny X-Men #’s 104, 105, 107), Dan Green (inks on Uncanny X-Men #107), and Terry Austin (inks on Uncanny X-Men #125)

(I think that’s everybody … hard to keep track of all the different issues that middle row is pieced together from)


love him! <3 


my favourite x-peeps

Future X-Men

Man, I wish I was in the god damned X-Men. You know why? Because they are a bunch of bad asses. Yes, the Marauders are horribly scary villains, and yes they kicked the shit out of the X-Men during Mutant Massacre, dealing them a bevy of physical and psychological injuries. But you know what else they did? They pissed the X-Men off. Here the X-Men ambush the Marauders in the very same sewer tunnels that Mutant Massacre took place in. There is an extreme sense of payback here, and the Marauders flee into the streets of New York after only a few rough exchanges.


Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until the next issue to see how the demon invasion of Inferno interrupts this confrontation. (Uncanny X-Men #240 – Jan 1989)

Uh oh. Dazzler and Rogue have all kinds of beef, dating back to when Rogue bitch-sbaped Dazzler in her own comic book series, and later when Rogue unapologetically made out with Dazzler’s man-cake Longshot for a very good cause. It was looking like the X-Ladies buried the hatchet a few issues ago when Dazzler risked her life to cut Rogue free from a watery grave, but here we see that things are still a bit prickly when it comes to who belongs to who.


This whole freaking scene has the comedic beats of a Simpson’s episode.


Ahh the possessiveness of relationships in human society. We’re all each other’s property, and if anyone tries to stand up for their own independence, World War 3 takes place. Everything is a power struggle. A battle over boundaries where each person is on a separate side of a wall and they’re both pushing as hard as they can in opposite directions. The only way to win that game is not to play. Yes I’m divorced and lonely. But at least I’m independent!! (Uncanny X-Men #240 – Jan 1989)


“I’m not a super hero. Not anymore.”

Art By Peter Nguyen


X-Men by Ron Ackins


X-Men commission by John Byrne. 2012.