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Just what in the fuck is wrong with these New Yorkers??? Why is everbody floating into the sky in that last panel??? The bus drivers are being eaten??? You still want to go to work??? You don’t think that maybe a complete demon invasion and the end of times is a good reason to take the day off?? Look here it happens again!!


Oh well. My car got eaten by the street. Guess I’ll walk. Is everybody high in this comic?? What the fuck. (Daredevil #265 – Apr 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

It’s not explained how Daredevil recovers from the injuries he sustained in the last few comics, but here he pops up out of his hospital bed and stoically confronts the demons of Inferno. That’s pretty much this whole comic. Daredevil inexplicably fighting demons without much reaction to what’s happening around him. It’s pretty bad assed!!! (Daredevil #265 – Apr 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Newp. Just, neeeeew thanks. I’m gonna newp right on out of here. The last thing I need to think about is possessed orthodontic tools drilling the shit out of my god damned mouth. Fuck! This poor guy gets gangbanged by dentist drills and turned into a demonic robotic dentist clown, Superman 3 style. This is the most violent Inferno comic yet. It actually gives a realistic take on what a true demon invasion of New York City would look like. Just look at this guy who got bitten in half by a taxi cab!!


I thought the X-Men comics were dark but they’ve got nothing on DD. (Daredevil #265 – Apr 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Hmm that’s weird. The Inferno Crossovers omnibus goes from Daredevil #263 straight to Daredevil #265. I guess issue #264 wasn’t important. Oh well. Anyway, these issues of Daredevil have been DAAARK. Like, properly dark. Just look at those giblets dripping off Matt’s baton there. This is a demon invasion of New York City after all, but it seems like the only writer taking it seriously is Ann Nocenti. It really feels like the end of times in these comic books, with hell split open and spilling billions of demons into the streets. Maybe it seems so serious because Daredevil is already rife with so many Christian themes and Matt so commonly struggles with spiritual existentialisms. Or maybe because Ann Nocenti was on the most drugs back in the 80s. (Daredevil #265 – Apr 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Oh snap Kingpin gets owned hard by these Inferno comics. “Sorry Tubby!! You think you’re in charge, but just who do you think you’ve been working for this whole time anyway?? EVIL. That’s who you’ve been working for. Now go fetch me a double mocha choca latte boombaladie.” Is that a coffee flavor? I don’t know anything about coffee other than it has funny names and it costs more than crack. (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

We never saw exactly how Daredevil got gravely injured before we got to these Inferno crossover comics, but it looked like he was pretty much on death’s doorstep just a few pages ago. But even after getting attacked by his demon possessed life support system (because of course if you have to go to the hospital during Inferno, your life support system is going to be possessed), Matt pops out of bed after only a 45 minute nap and heads out into the demon infested streets to fight the good fight. Here we see that the monster he was fighting on the cover of this comic was not a demon possessed sail barge, but rather a demon possessed subway train. I wasn’t even close! (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Ann Nocenti probably just should have written all of Inferno. (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Good gravy is this how heroin addiction works? It just waits until you are emotionally vulnerable and then it flings a handful of hypodermic needles at you from a dark alley like ninja stars? And that’s like some kind of siren’s call that an addict can’t resist? Yeesh I would not want to touch a single hypodermic needle that got flung at me from a dark alley. Anyway, it’s tough to keep all of Matt’s woman problems straight when we just come waltzing along poking our heads into these Daredevil crossover issues like this. He’s apparently been living with Karen Page, but also having a sadomasochistic emotional affair with Typhoid Mary at the same time, and now he’s driven another one of his girlfriends back into the smack addled alleys of Hell’s Kitchen. Nice going Matt!! (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

On the cover of the last Daredevil comic I read, I mistakenly referred to a possessed vacuum cleaner as a possessed TV antenna. I’m not going to make that same mistake again here, by trying to figure out what the fuck that thing is that Daredevil is fighting based on this picture alone without any other context.

Ok I’m just going to say that it looks like he’s fighting a possessed construction barge. Let’s see if I’m right!! (Daredevil #263 – Feb 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)

Well what comes next??? After just barely defeating the possessed vacuum cleaner that was trying to rape him earlier in this comic, Matt gets confronted by Typhoid Mary and then geez this is one of the most abrupt endings to a comic book I’ve ever seen. No teaser for the next issue or anything. (Daredevil #262 – Jan 1989 – Inferno Crossovers)