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“I’ve always, consciously or not, I’ve always worn clothes to express my year. So when I go back and think about myself from 9th grade, there are very specific clothes I remember wearing. That’s why I love fashion. It’s like music in the sense that ‘that album reminds me of when I was 16,’ that’s what fashion is to me.”


Jessica Chastain photographed by Juco for S Magazine, Fall 2019.


Elizabeth Olsen for Who What Wear (2019)


Olivia Munn

for Women’s Health | July 2019.


Sophie Turner photographed by Holly Andres for Vanity Fair’s 2019 Emmy Issue


I think we all have things that aren’t perfect about us and I’m reminded of that every day when I’m practising my instrument or doing ballet, mistakes are a part of life and none of us is perfect. One thing that makes me feel so human is how badly I don’t want to go to the gym. Because for my roles, I’m working out every day for hours I just really don’t want to go because in real life, I am not a superhero and so that makes me feel so human.


I went through a rebellious phase, and was super into doing crazy hair things. I did only wear black for my junior year of high school. I was one of those kids.


rachel keller + being photographed in front of flowers


Rachel Keller arriving at the “Legion” S3 premiere after party


I like representing different kinds of black people – showing they exist.