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X-men Renegades (Fireverse) Concept 1 Color

Should have the extra renegades side chapter I wrote up tomorrow.


Wolverine and the X-Men (S01E11)

+ bonus

Professor X: There are lots of ways that sons defeat their fathers.
Beast: I just keep getting PhDs.


Cyclops says “fuck”

(Astonishing X-Men #27)

You were dying of blood poisoning, Scottie

(New X-Men #126)


tada! the o5, in rainbow order (not very obvious but that was the original inspiration 🙂 )

Beast, at Starbucks: Can I get a venti latte with, uhh, nine espresso shots.
Quicksilver, next in line: Jesus Christ just do cocaine.


Alex Ross variant cover for X-Men #2




I’d like to formally introduce a new ongoing series of dissertations entitled “Cyclops is a Dick.” You can track future updates at #CyclopsDick (not to be confused with #Cyclops’Dick)

(The X-Men #59 – Aug 1969)

Cyclops was right

if Hank had died in the 60s I never would’ve had to deal with him again thanks Scott Summers for trying to look out for me 💕


I’m seriously gonna cry I love o5 so much omg!!! @allyallyorange is one of my favorite artists and they did such a beautiful job with this commission I got from them!!! Please go check out their blog they’re the absolute sweetest!!!