Imagine Kurt going all over New York to find t…




  • Used to the large Gothic cathedrals in Germany, he tries to find one in New York.
  • But the ones he finds also have very large congregations. 
    • There’s an odd mixture of acceptance, fear, and most importantly hate directed towards him. So the next week he goes to a different church.
  • Finally he finds a small church in the broken down side of New York. In Hell’s Kitchen. 
  • He sits in the back of a church. There aren’t many people there, mostly elderly folks, a few small families and a few loners like himself.
  • Just before Mass starts he hears the click of someone tapping the wooden pew with a cane. 
    • The man, wearing sunglasses inside the dimly lit church, smiles politely and nods at Kurt. “Good morning.” He greets before retracting the white cane and kneeling down in prayer. 
    • Of course he doesn’t mind Kurt’s appearance, he’s blind.
  • There’s a moment of silence just before the Lord’s Prayer when the man extends his right hand towards Kurt so that they may pray together.
    • He hesitates but gently takes the man’s hand and begins to pray. 
    • The man’s brow creases only for a second before he starts to pray as well. 
  • And when it’s time for the Sign of Peace, the man shakes Kurt’s hand firmly and with a gentle smile, “Peace be with you.” 
  • After the concluding rites, the man looks in Kurt’s direction again, “See you next week.” He light heartedly jokes and goes on his way.
  • Kurt is stunned. The man may have been blind but he held his deformed hand like he was just another person. The other parishioners pay him little mind, a few smile in passing at him and leave him to his prayers.
  • Holding back a few tears Kurt realizes he’s found his home away from home.

I’m crying okay?
Like literally….

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(Nightcrawler 2004 #12)

Sadly, Matt does not appear to be visiting Salem Center that day