Scott summers: Hey guys do you think you can s…

Scott summers: Hey guys do you think you can stop killing us all the time and let mutants deal with themselves? Inhumans and avengers: good god…. he is the worst villain if all time.

Scott Summers: Awesome! The Phoenix is coming to bring Mutants back!
Avengers: Dude, you can’t gamble with the lives of innocent people just so your species can have superpowers!
Scott Summers: It’ll be fine. We know what we’re doing and the Phoenix is coming regardless so-
Avengers: Nah bro *break the Phoenix*

-AvX ensues-


Inhumans: Check it out! Our Terrigen mists are going GLOBAL, baby! 
-a wild M-Pox appears-
-it’s very effective-
Avengers: Too bad Mutants keep dying so the Inhumans can get their superpowers. So sad.
Scott Summers: *raises hand* I have some concerns…
Avengers and Inhumans: what?
Scott Summers: *dies from M-Pox*
Marvel writing and editing staff: HA! What a  D O U C H E!