Y’know Scott probs has an excel spread sheet on the X-Men, their powers, who they work well with, and who they can’t work with, that he consults when forming teams.

@myxmentrashblog Canon?

I can’t remember if this has come up before and I still have some decades-wide gaps in what I’ve read, but this is so in-character and such a given, the only way I can NOT see him doing this is if he kept it all in his (nigh impenetrable) head to keep enemies from hacking it.

Analog files are a high possibility too. That way, if someone replaces him, they can just look in his filing cabinet and the teams can continue to run smoothly. I mean, that won’t keep Gambit out, but better him snooping around than the Purifiers or FOH, etc.

Maybe Sage would guard the digital information. Who knows? Is this canon?