JESUS!! OW!!!! In my last post, two people wer…

JESUS!! OW!!!! In my last post, two people were horrifically murdered in their sleep by a shotgun toting serial killer, but I think these panels are even harder to look at!! What the fuck, Cyclops!! I know the Blob has pretty much been a dick to you for your entire life, but you don’t have to fucking shoot a hole clean through is god damned shoulder!! Do you have any idea what kind of structural integrity problems a wound like that could cause the human body?? We’re talking infection, sepsis, organ shutdown… STINGING. Seriously that would sting so bad. God damn. Anyway, after Scott and Jean single handedly kick the shit out of Freedom Force (a turn of events that is, in and of itself, not all that believable since during Mutant Massacre, the whole X-Factor team struggled to deal with Mystique’s new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) Destiny assures Cyclops and Jean Grey that they do not know what happened to Madelyne at the end of Fall of the Mutants, nor do they know the whereabouts of Scott’s son. And the Cyclops has to eat crow and fly away, which is pretty hilarious.


(X-Factor #31 – Aug 1988)