When was the last time we spent an issue of X-…




No seriously. I’m hard-pressed to remember, so either my memory is shitty (which it is) or the writers forgot such a huge staple of X-Men storytelling.

Not every issue has to be action-packed from cover to cover with the world on the line.

(Before you go further, please know this problem I have with current writing extends to the big team books, and not the solos. I haven’t read the solos, or X-Men Blue past the Pryor arc)

Remember scenes like this?

(okay, that last one was a Danger Room hologram house that Kurt programmed so he could feel better, but you get the idea)

My point is, action isn’t the only way to progress a story. People don’t have to go far to feel moved. Some of the best scenes in X-Men (that I’ve read) happen in a bar or start out in the bar. (or with a character drunk off his ass)

A story doesn’t have to rely on action and bombshell revelations 24/7. Happy moments can happen without people getting hurt.

To be fair, action is present in almost all of the issues above, but it wasn’t the complete focus. It had the good amount of balance between action and emotion (good or bad).

The best example of this type of writing from more recent times:

Now, Excalibur didn’t go to a bar (thank god, that’s no place for a three-month-old) but they all conveyed feelings to each other in a way that has been missing from most other X-Men stories lately.

The above bar scenes aren’t the only ones, there have been many, but those left the most impact on me. Also Nightcrawler is in them so of course I’m focused more on them.

Our favorite characters have felt very limited lately. Whether we love Kurt, Ororo, Logan, even Piotr or Kitty, I think we can all agree that these characters need some down time. They’ve played baseball, so it’s time for the opening-up stuff only a bar can provide.

Should it get sappy? Yes. Depressed and angsty? I’d rather it not, we’ve had enough of that lately.

A bar scene between Kurt and Old Man Logan and/or Rachel would be a good way to explore Kurt’s feelings on his immortality. He doesn’t have to cry, but he should go through some of the emotional stress it’s put on him. It would be exactly what the story needs, not literally two panels every ten issues to remind readers Kurt is immortal (and fatally stabbing him in between those moments).

Hell, they could be having Piotr’s bachelor party there and it would be a good excuse to put in a bar scene and get everyone to talk out the stress that’s been building. *winks suggestively at Marvel*

End of rant Kurt gif time:

This is what comics are lacking these days. Marvel doesn’t seem to understand that there’s a need for personal connections and moments between characters

I’ve been saying it, almost everyone I know who has been reading Marvel for a long time has been saying it, Marvel lost its heart. That is why the comics are so disappointing lately and have been for years, The few key moments that we snatch from every 10 or 20 issues before its cancelation are all that keeps us going. There is more than one way to protray loss or some huge event, it can be something between two characters. Like Kurt lost something BIG. His soul, its shaking his faith but he isnt showing it. Exploring something emotional like that is so much more interesting than watching Marvel pit the heroes against each other or just killing them off over and over. It has no more meaning because we arent losing the relationship. I’m going to be honest when Kurt died the first time I had to put down comics for a while because I felt that loss. Now? Just feels like its a cheap gimmick.

Marvel show us the heart of comics again. We miss it.

I could use some Kurt/Logan/Peter bar shenanigans about now. 
Really, though, I’d like to see some characters sit and actually talk for a few panels.