claire-luna: @mister-wagner So since we are ta…


@mister-wagner So since we are talking so much about Rachel/Kurt lately I went back and looked at some of the Phoenix Resurrection previews you posted. And then I noticed that without colours it looks like Rachel and Kurt are having a fanservice moment with each other and I had to share that because it cracks me up. Kind of reminds me of Excalibur where the whole cast (sans Kitty) was always drawn super sexy.

It looks like they’re looking down each others shirts (well okay not really) 😀 Leinil Yu’s art is just gorgeous.

Rachel/Kurt isn’t even my favourite ship for these two (despite what it may look like right now), but I’m just so
mad on their behalf that all they ever did in X-Men Gold was kiss once and than promptly never interacted

His art is so pretty

I miss Alan Davis everyone-is-sexy art xD

I imagine that as a couple, they’re a little competitive.

“I can show more cleavage than you on a mission!”

“Oh? We’ll see which one of us Kitty tells to change first!”

And everyone else is like: “it’s like they’re wearing nothing at all…”